Welcome to Elementary Faith Formation!
Grades K-6
Our Faith Formation Team is dedicated to walking with you and your child discovering the truth and beauty of Catholic Faith and God’s amazing love for each of us. Our focus is supporting families learning to be disciples together.

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Families Forming Disciples is a family-focused, thematic/activity approach to faith formation. Utilizing the Archdiocese of Atlanta session plans, groups of families meet with catechists twice per month (Once in-person & once virtually) to encounter the Lord together and to encourage each other to live as the Domestic Church in and through their home and family life.

Finding God is a catechist led/family supported approach to faith formation. Utilizing the Loyola Publishing age-appropriate curriculum, young disciples meet by grade level with catechists twice per month (both in person). Within their small communities of faith, the young people will grow in knowledge of what our Church believes enabling them to love and serve our Lord and each other. Our partnership with families consists of providing support materials to empower you to reinforce and live the faith concepts of the catechist led sessions.

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First Reconciliation is celebrated in the Fall.  First Eucharist is celebrated in the Spring.

This is an amazing experience for the children and their families. Our Sacramental formation teams do an incredible job of preparing our young disciples for this step in their faith walk.

Sacramental formation sessions are in addition to the regular formation sessions. Each child and family situation is unique. Some children are ready to receive sacraments in year two, while others not until year four or five. Focusing on family formation, at least one parent attends the session with their child. Sessions will gather on a few Saturday mornings throughout the year.

Each child must have one year of formation prior to receiving these Sacraments.

We hope that you join us at Elementary Faith Formation! It is always such a joy to watch each child grow in their faith, and it is a privilege to partner with you to help your child increase their love for the Lord and begin lifelong faith formation.

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RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Formation for all persons who are NOT baptized but older than seven years of age. Focusing on the reception of the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, all persons over seven are immersed in the ancient Rites of the Church leading to a discovery of and desire for a personal and intimate relationship with the Risen Christ.

God’s Peace to you and your family!

Maureen Lilly
Elementary Coordinator