Middle School

Welcome to Middle School Faith Formation!

Grades 6-8

Our Faith Formation Team is dedicated to walking with you and your child discovering the truth and beauty of Catholic Faith and God’s amazing love for each of us. Our focus is supporting families learning to be disciples together.

Options for Faith Formation

Families Forming Disciples is a family-focused, thematic/activity approach to faith formation. Utilizing the Archdiocese of Atlanta session plans, groups of families meet with catechists twice per month (Once in-person & once virtually) to encounter the Lord together and to encourage each other to live as the Domestic Church in and through their home and family life.

Discover sessions follow a youth ministry model for middle schoolers. Beginning with grade 6, catechists, core team members and parents/guardians accompany youth, encounter Christ and cultivate faith.  Following the USCCB Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, Renewing the Vision, goals and components of comprehensive ministry with adolescents are met through a series of gatherings, events, retreats and charitable works.  Together, we grow in our relationship with God through Jesus and the Church, deepen our friendships with each other and solidify our commitment to bring the light of Christ into the world through word and deed.  The curriculum materials vary from year to year.  All are welcome!

Homeschool/virtual options are available on a case by case basis.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Pixie Smith
Director of Faith Formation & Youth Minister