Guidelines For Extraordinatry Ministers Of The Blessed Sacrament Exposing Or Reposing The Blessed Sacrament


  1. Turn Sanctuary lights on, auto #2 on keypad
  2. Place Missal on chair
  3. Check the Lunula ( glass with the Blessed Sacrament ) in Tabernacle, genuflect/bow after opening door, if not there, proceed to #8
  4. Light candles near Altar, 5-10 minutes before ( not Ambo )
  5. Corporal should be on the Altar, if not, get one from the Sacristy, second drawer left of Sacrarium.
  6. Monstrance is located in the Environmental Storage Room, Sacristy When new Monstrance is not available: Get black wood stand under Sacrarium, corporal to cover stand and little monstrance – top cabinet where forms are kept
  7. Approaching Altar, place Monstrance on its side, right to the center of Altar, lunula door opened ( It is a Liturgical norm not to bow when carrying a Sacramental as you approach the Altar) When new Monstrance is not available: Place black wood stand and dress up with Corporal embroidered Jerusalem cross facing pews, place little monstrance on its side, right to the center of Altar, lunula door opened
  8. Genuflect after opening Tabernacle and get Lunula ( glass with the Blessed Sacrament ) should be on left side- carry it with true devotion and honor… You can leave Tabernacle door slightly opened. Note: If Lunula is not in the Tabernacle, it should be empty in the Sacristy, top cabinet where forms are kept. Should there be no priest ( 4 inch ) consecrated host inside the Ciborium, it is permissible to use a small size consecrated host for this occasion. Please notify Eucharistic Adoration Chair person.
  9. After you slide the Lunula into the Monstrance, place Monstrance on the center of Altar
  10. Bow in front of the Altar facing the Monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament
  11. Facing the Blessed Sacrament pray “Opening Prayer for Exposing the Blessed Sacrament” Tantum Ergo ( included in the Eucharistic Adoration Binder ). You can stand at the front of Altar or at the back where Adorers are


  1. Reposing should be 5 minutes before 7pm. Get Eucharistic Adoration Binder in Sacristy, under the Sacrarium
  2. Stand and genuflect/bow at front of Altar or at the back where Adorers are, ask adorers to stand/kneel also, you will pray with all in Church the “Divine Praises” from binder or folder provided on the welcome table. There are about 10 copies for adorers, which you can distribute, please collect after praying. Begin with “Let us pray together before reposing the Blessed Sacrament the Divine Praises…”
  3. Bow before approaching Monstrance, place Lunula in Tabernacle, close door and genuflect/bow before leaving
  4. Return Monstrance to Environmental Storage Room, ( you do not need to bow to the Altar as you are carrying a Sacramental ) please return monstrance to the Sacristy carrying it on its side, waist level, using the side aisle not the center aisle, make sure candles are out; lights turned off, return register and EA binder to cabinet, place all things on the Welcome Table inside our Narthex cabinet ( next to lost and found, top one ) and proceed to lock up Church

Revised 10/2/2014