Eucharistic Ministry

For additional information contact Jude Rasmuson – Chair, EMHC Ministry  – 678-423-7523.

Overview of the EMHC Ministry

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the Priest and Deacon at Mass by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to our parishioners at all weekend liturgies, Holy Days of Obligation, and other special Masses.    Ministers are expected to serve at least once a month and sign themselves up on line for the Masses of their choice.  Ministers must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to Mass to sign in and prepare.  No prior experience is necessary, but certification training is required before you can serve in this capacity.  Training is scheduled as needed.

Parishioners must be registered in our parish for six months before being eligible to serve.  In addition, you must be at least 16 years of age, have received the sacrament of Confirmation and, if married, you must have been married in the Catholic Church.

For more information, please contact Jude Rasmuson at 678-423-7523 or


Please remember that we are not just symbolically serving the body and blood of Christ to our fellow parishioners.  We, as Catholics, believe in the true presence of Jesus in both species of the Eucharist.  As such, let us all renew the sense of reverence and awe with which we should approach this gift we have been permitted to share – in the way we present ourselves before Christ and to our parish family, in the manner in which we dress, and in the joy we share as we commune with our fellow parishioners.

Dress Code

Gentlemen should wear dress slacks with a dress shirt and coat (tie optional).  No polos or golf shirts or denim. Coats in various sizes will be available in the Sacristy for those who are asked to fill in for a last minute vacancy in the schedule.

For the women and young ladies, modesty is the key.  Dress slacks and blouses only. Dresses and skirts should be of an appropriate knee length hem.  Leggings and tights allowed only with knee length hem skirt or dress. Shoulders should be covered at all times (with sweater if necessary).  Sweaters in various sizes will be available in the Sacristy if needed.  No denim, cargo pants, or Capri pants.  No spandex or excessively fitting clothing.  No shorts of any kind, with or without tights.  No see-through or low-cut dresses, blouses or shirts, and no backless or strapless.  No shoes that make any kind of flipping noise while walking, and no stiletto heels.

Approaching the Sanctuary

EMs will approach the sanctuary after the sign of peace and line up across the foot of the steps (5 cups on the left side of the main aisle and 3 plates on the right side of the main aisle).  We will remain standing while Fr. Terry receives communion.  When Fr. Terry turns around to give the Deacon/Acolyte communion, we will ascend the steps (two lines, single file) and proceed to our usual places.   Using the new handrails when ascending the steps may be the best way to appear orderly.

Serving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

The only words we should say when serving the Body and Blood are “The Body of Christ” and “The Blood of Christ.”  It is not appropriate to use additional words or to say the person’s name when serving the host or cup.  Reception of communion should be a highly positive experience for our fellow parishioners, and serving it should be as equally positive for us.  When serving the Body of Christ, good eye contact and a smile are very appropriate.

When serving the Precious Blood, please remember to wipe the cup thoroughly inside the rim and out between communicants.  Be sure to use the whole purificator while doing this.  Don’t be afraid to open it up.  After wiping the rim, please rotate the cup ¼ turn before serving the next communicant.  We are trying to provide our parishioners with an acceptable level of hygiene.

Giving a Blessing To Those Not Receiving Communion

For those not receiving communion but coming to you for a blessing (with their arms crossed over their chests) it is recommended that you extend your hand toward them and say a very simple blessing such as “May God Bless You.”  The Archdiocese has directed that we not give a blessing with the Host in our hand and that we do not touch those who come to us for a blessing.  There is a chance that we may have a tiny particle of the Body of Christ on our fingers that may be accidentally deposited on the person’s clothing.

Revised Jan. 2016