Alter Server Training

New Altar Server Training

Boys and Girls of Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, it is now time to join
the Altar Server Ministry. God calls us all to be a part of the celebration of the
Mass. This is your chance to be a part of this celebration. There is a long
tradition of Altar Servers serving God in this way. Let’s be a part of this

Requirements: Girls & Boys 10 years and older who have received their
First Holy Communion

Training: Wednesday, March 16th 5-6:15 in Sanctuary
More training dates available by request

Expectations: Serve once a month at a Mass of your choice

Activities: This ministry is more than just Altar serving, it’s a community of
our youth. We have yearly activities which include: Campfires, picnics, movie
nights, game nights and more.

RSVP: Not required, however if interested please contact ministry leader
Tim Heatherman 770-842-6148
Contact me with any questions