Pregnancy Aid Clinic – Virtual Baby Bottle Event

Pregnancy Aid Clinic is a non-profit center that has been providing life-changing services regardless of financial ability, race, age, or religion since 1984. Our care addresses the whole woman- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.
The clinic offers comprehensive programs for mothers and fathers to navigate from pregnancy to parenthood with a focus on parenting and life skills. We strive to protect children by strengthening families.
Thanks to donations, grants, and committed volunteers who work together to create a support system, our services are available at no charge.

Please consider participating in a PAC Digital Baby Bottle Event!
Baby Bottle drives are a primary source of revenue for Pregnancy Aid Clinic, providing funds to maintain clinic operations; the clinic relies on your donations to keep PAC operating, and continue supporting women and families in need.

The online event is simple!
To donate please click here.  
Every bit helps – this is an event that usually is filled with pennies and nickels – no gift is too small for the smallest among us.

For more information, please visit: