Virtus-Protecting God’s Children, Tuesday, September 7, 6 pm-9 pm

Per Archdiocesan requirements anyone who volunteers with minors (17 or under) or the vulnerable need to complete Virtus-Saving God’s Children training, as well as a background screening.

To be Safe Environment compliant a person must have passed a background screening through the Archdiocese of Atlanta and attended a live three (3) hour VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children (PGC) training session.

Virtus-Protecting God’s Children
This is a 3 hour training class that is given at churches around the Archdiocese. There is a training here at St. Mary Magdalene on Tuesday, September 7, from 6 pm to 9 pm.  
Please sign up for a class by following the directions below.  If these dates above are not convenient for you, please search for other classes/locations during the “Begin Registration Process”  process.

To sign up for Virtus – Protecting God’s Children for Adults trainings:
Go to
Click on First Time Registrant tab
Click “Begin Registration Process”
Select as your organization – Atlanta, GA (Archdiocese)
Create User ID and Password
When prompted, choose St. Mary Magdalene as your volunteer location
Scroll down until you see the date of the class you want to attend
Click on small circle next to date and confirm registration

Virtus trainings are good for 5 years.