Why SMM?

We put the “R” in STREAM

Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Preschool will provide children an opportunity to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and cognitively in a trusting and warm environment. We believe in providing opportunities for children to develop a love of learning, respect for others, and be Christ like. In the true spirit of our Catholic faith, children here will bloom and grow through the example of Jesus Christ.

Our program runs for 3.5 hours
(9:00 am – 12:30 pm) which includes a Snack and Lunch period* at no extra cost.

Our classes join with their peers for snack and lunch periods to allow further socialization and preparedness for meals in a group setting.  The children work on their small motor development and mealtimes provide a wonderful learning opportunity about nutrition, manners, and thankfulness.
Our preschool is in a secure location with a locked entrance and video surveillance.  We conduct regular tornado and fire drills and have a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Hands on Preschool Director

Gina DeGennaro is on site working with the staff to ensure quality care and meaningful lessons are carried out.  By being hands on, it also allows her to assess her teachers and bring them to their fullest potential.   She loves to also hear first hand what the children are interested in which allows for planning to purchase materials that support the teachers in planning around this.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes provide for individualized attention for students.  Areas of study are planned based on the class’ interests and each individual child’s development.

Interactive Technology in Use

With the use of our new ClearTouch™ Interactive Board, our teachers have infinite new options for engaging our students in a meaningful and interactive way.  We are the ONLY preschool in the area to offer this technological component to our program.  We use this board to demonstrate learning through our online, bilingual curriculum, Big Day for PreK™, along with other learning modules. All of our reading material is online for parents to reinforce principles learned in class. This early exposure to classroom technology prepares our students well for kindergarten.

Parish Campus Amenities and Location

St. Mary Magdalene’s campus is located on 35 acres of land in a prairie-like setting bounded by woods.  This allows us the opportunity to plan numerous outdoor activities and take the children on nature walks to discover God’s creation firsthand.   We have a brand  new state of the art secure education building with a gated, courtyard playground the children  use daily to expend energy, learn to play with each other, and practice their large motor skills.

The parcel is adjacent to the Newnan Public Library, Community Center and Police/Fire Station.

Parent Testimonials

“My name is Amelia Crine and my family relocated to Sharpsburg in September of last year.  I have a four year old daughter attending Saint Mary Magdalene Preschool in the Pre-K Class, a two year old daughter that will be attending in the upcoming school year, and a baby boy on the way.   Our family loved our daughter’s previous preschool and never thought that we could be as happy with a new school, especially a school in its first year of operation.  I was a bit nervous about a school just establishing itself.   It didn’t take long for my entire family to fall in love with St. Mary Magdalene Preschool and all my concerns to be at ease.

Everyday my daughter comes home from school happy.  She loves going to school and learning.  This happens because of the instruction, attention, and creative activities she participates in daily.  I believe that this is establishing a desire to learn that she will carry with her always. 

Mrs. Gina and her staff promote family inclusiveness.  Family participation is encouraged within the classroom. There are many opportunities for parents, grandparents, and other family members to be active with the children in the classroom.  This is not an unusual occurrence for a preschool but the desire for participation is great here.  Holiday celebrations are planned for full family participation.  This has helped burgeon many new friendships among families.  Being new to the area, this has been valuable to my family.

This is the academic basis for the education in the classroom is STREAM.  STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  Each week parents receive a newsletter discussing what the children will be learning and what they will be doing for each of categories.  This provides a clear weekly presentation of what the children are learning.  Each Monday I look forward to seeing what Evangeline’s week has in store. 

Mrs. Gina, Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Tami, and Mrs. Amy take great pride in the children’s accomplishments.   This week as I was picking up Evangeline, Mrs. Amy wanted to share what she had accomplished that day.  Evangeline read from a book that the Pre-K class made using their sight words.  When she finished reading I was beaming with pride and Mrs. Amy was beaming as well.  How fortunate is my daughter to have a teacher that is as proud of her learning and accomplishments as I am?   

I look forward to all of my children attending Saint Mary Magdalene Preschool, even those that have not yet arrived!  I hope that you will stop by to meet the staff and learn what makes Saint Mary Magdalene Preschool so special. “

“This is a great learning environment. We are so glad our son goes here. We look forward to our other children being able to attend.” — Erik Kepshire

Tara Dietrich gave Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Preschool a 5 star rating

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